Thursday, July 23, 2009

New pictures of William :)

Here are some pictures from our last visit with William. He is soo cute when he is happy! It makes me sad that at 5 years old he has such uncontrollable anger issues which may prevent us from adopting him :(

My baby girl and baby boy...

He plays so sweetly and quietly by himself for the most part. Here I snapped a picture of him playing kitchen (one of his favorite things to do). He was boiling fake eggs and using the oven mit to fan the pot. What an imagination!!

This cute little picture came after a 30 minute tantrum over not getting a real cell phone. He finally compromised and took the non-working one. Then he went out side and pretended he was calling everyone on "his phone." Too cute (once the tantrum was over)!

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BriteCloud said...

Deanna, I know it's hard being sure if you can take care of him. My son, who is now 12, had rages that would last for an hour or more, and seemed like they would hold the whole family captive. No one understands unless they have lived with it, or seen it. As sad as it is for his life, if I had a choice, I wouldn't have put my other children through it. I think whatever you decide about keeping him, will be blessed by God. He knows your heart.