Saturday, April 25, 2009


We had the phone interview on Monday, just like the case worker promised. She is the first person at CPS to actually help us and follow through on her word. He is a very lucky little boy to have her assigned to him.

So anyway, she took mine and David's socials and Brittany's too (everyone 14 and older) to run background checks on us. She submitted them on Tuesday, and we heard back from her on Friday...everything is a go now for our home study. All of the paperwork has been submitted. We are just waiting for the home study people to call and schedule an appointment.

Unfortunately, this could take up to two weeks...another flaw in the system. Then, after the home study is complete, it could be up to another two weeks for them to process the paperwork.

But GOOD news, he will be brought to us immediately upon successful processing of the paperwork - i.e., our house and family pass all of their requirements for adoption. We are so excited about our new addition. I just hope they like our family and home.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Such GOOD News!!!

I have a request for everyone - I need a prayer :)

We are trying to adopt a little boy that is in the foster system right now. He was in the preschool class that I taught this year. He has since been moved to his 12th foster home. He is such a loving little 5-year old, that I couldn't bear to see him moved again. We have also been talking about having another baby to see if we could have a boy this time (the odds aren't good though, we have 2 girls LOL). So he is actually an answer to our prayers. We have spoken with the case worker, and have been scheduled for a phone interview on Monday and a home study later in the week. It is possible that he could be with us by next weekend if all goes well. So that's where you guys come in - we need big prayers that God just be with us through all of this, no matter which way it goes.

I really appreciate it! And I will post an update next week.

Thank you!