Friday, October 14, 2011

Meggie's New Rock-n-Roll Bedroom

Well, we finally did it. We downsized from a 3500 sq ft house to a 2000 sq ft house. It feels GOOD! So cozy, like a little cottage! To help ease the move for both of our daughters, we let them pick out how they wanted their rooms decorated. Our youngest chose a rock-n-roll theme with zebra accents for her new room. We had a very limited budget, so I took an old brown wooden dresser that I had in the guest room (all of that furniture had to go, no guest room in the new house) and painted it black. To keep it from looking to goth in a little girls bedroom, I used zebra-patterened duct tape on the knobs and painted the insets on the side in chalkboard paint so that she can compose songs as they come to her mind!

I lined the drawers with zebra-patterned wrapping paper left over from her birthday. I didn't seal it yet, but will probably use some Mod-Podge to seal it up.
We bought the bed at Walmart for $258.00 including the mattress. This was a steal, because we found a very similar bed at Rooms To Go for almost $700 not including the mattress. We did put her old feather mattress cover on this bed to make it more comfy. The bedding was bought on sale at Target for $41 and included everything...even the sheet set! To make the bed a little more rock-n-roll, I added a sequin curtain held on to the bed with silver shower curtain hooks and black netting bows. This gave her a little studio/clubhouse under the bed (she needs all the space she can get - it's a really tiny room!)

In her clubhouse, she put her pink chair and the metal trashcan from my workroom. I also gave her my little black shelves and added zebra duct tape across the top to keep it again from looking to dark.

I found the little mirror guitar wall hanging at Hobby Lobby for $20 (it was originally $40, but was on sale. What perfect timing!).

And of course, a rock-n-roll room isn't complete without a star on the door. We still have to add her name, but I haven't found that box yet (we are still unpacking ~ LOL!)

I still have to make her wall hangings and add some posters of her favorite stars, but it is coming right along!

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