Saturday, July 2, 2011

So busy!

I have been so busy this last week, and I am so blessed and grateful that I have been able to take it all in stride! The doctor diagnosed me with diabetes about 3 weeks ago and gave me medicine. Since I started taking the medicine and adjusted my diet, I have all of my energy back. I think I have had diabetes for a while, because I have just been a lump on log for the past year with absolutely no energy at all. I used to be able to clean the whole house, paint a room in the house, go shopping and more all in one day - then it just went away. Anyway, I am now able to work on all of the things that I used to look at and say "that would be nice to do."

This little project is a haunted house that my sister is going to use for her Halloween wedding. I think it is turning out pretty cute. Of course, I still have a lot to do to it, but I have until October to finish it :)

The bricks are made using a stencil and craft structure paste. I couldn't find bricks, so I used a blank stencil sheet, drew a brick pattern and cut it out with a craft knife. The vine is a Prima jeweled sticker from Hobby Lobby.

The trim on the windows is Distressed Stickles in Bronze. I applied the first layer, let it dry and then applied a second layer. The second layer helped give it a little more dimension. There is probably a better way to do this, but I am just working with the supplies that I had on hand.

This is the inside of the house. I used coordinating scrapbook paper as the wallpaper and rug.

A paper punch was used to make the trim on the roof. I am working on distressing brown paper shingles to add to the roof.

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you have a wonderful week!

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Susan said...

This is MOST AWESOME and will truly be a delight at the wedding. May I ask what it's use will be? I love halloween and I think it is soooo cool that people are having themed weddings now. I just recently saw pics from someone's AIW themed wedding, very cool! I am not a super fan of AIW, it is ok, but I am not over the top with it as some are.
But I love Halloween, and witches bats and other stuff (just not the gory Jason type stuff.


I am VERY,very sorry to hear you have diabetes, you seem kind of young. My hubby was diagnosed a year or so before we met (when he was 43) and my brother was DXed at the age of 42, at the time both were over weight, and had poor eating and or drinking habits. I can tell you that spending almost 27 years with the man, who is an insulin dependent, uncontrolled diabetic, that after all this time has had many complications settle in all at once. so I implore you to try your very best to keep your numbers as steady as possible. His sugar can be low--60 or even under, and then a few hours later be over 300, and that is how it has been a YO-YO. He was only on medication when we met and married, a few years later he starting losing vast amounts of weight without trying (we was normal size for his height when we met, HA! so was I, LOL) he lost over 30 lbs in 5 weeks, so he went to his endo doc...who tested his sugar, it was over 600, then tested his urine, he was in a state of Ketoacidosis...he immediately went into the hospital up here that is a "diabetic center of America" and thus began his journey with insulin. Even while in the hospital setting, without extra food, or anything it was bouncing, they told us it was his body adjusting to the insulin, and that it may take some time before they got the ratio right for his metabolism. has been like that forever. in 2001 he had a massive heart attack, and 5 days later a smaller one in the same area, then double bypass surgery. he also has diabetic retinopathy, and now none working equip. if you know what I mean, his balance is starting to be a bit of an issue and we think he had a small stroke a month ago. He wouldn't admit to anything, but finally over dinner the other night out of the blue, he told me I was right, and that he too thinks he had a small stroke. Finally he has agreed to go see the doc...MEN! I am disabled now, but was a healthcare worker, and I did further studies all the time, as I love medicine. so for me it is scary cause I know is good for family members though sometimes hubs finds it annoying--usually cause I am correct! HA!

anyway...Please try, I think it is one of the harder diseases to live with, really.
When i light my red, health candle nightly, your name will be mentioned also.